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Hundreds of thousands of books are published in the U.S. every year, and helping readers discover your book is hard to do. How do you cut through all the “voices” (e.g. social media, television, websites, work, family, etc.) vying for a readers attention? Overcoming this challenge may require a combination of conventional and out-of-the box strategies, and Waiting Room is that combination.


  • Writers purchasing either story or ad space receive 20 copies (additional copies available for an additional fee based on quantity and shipping) of the magazine that s/he can use to give away to readers at conferences, festivals, bookstores, online contests, etc. rather than giving away your product — your book. 


  • Readers get a taste of who you are and what your story is about. Waiting Room is also ordered by businesses and individuals giving readers and writers greater access to each other. 


Using printed media to draw the attention of potential readers may be “old school” but there is a reason it hasn’t gone the way of the dinosaur.  The printed word has staying power. It doesn’t interrupt (…like website banner ads. Ad blockers, anyone?) the reader’s ability to digest information. Waiting Room considers your readers’ time and puts s/he in control of it.

Ready to purchase space for your story, excerpt or ad?
Literary Hazzard Publishing aims to create a relationship-based partnership with quality writers and to introduce readers of popular genre fiction to well crafted stories. We ask that writers purchasing story space follow a professional set of guidelines. Please read our guidelines and understand that they are required to complete your purchase of story space.




  • What we accept: We ONLY accept short stories and book excerpts in the suspense, mystery, horror, romance, science fiction and fantasy genres/sub-genres, and ads for adult, new adult and young adult readers. We do NOT publish children’s stories/excerpts or ads.  We do NOT publish erotica/porn or any stories or excerpts or ads that are sexually explicit. We do NOT publish stories, excerpts or ads featuring graphic, vulgar or gratuitous violence, especially against children. Some may view these elements as subjective, thus we reserve the right to to make the determination.

  • Editing: All story or excerpt submissions (traditionally published or self-published or unpublished) must be line and copy edited (proofread) by a professional editor. Our team does perform read-throughs and light editorial work with the author, but the submission must be publication ready before we can complete your purchase and schedule publication in Waiting Room. Purchases for submissions requiring moderate to heavy editorial work will NOT be completed and the submission and attachment will be discarded.

Special requests for specific publication dates are NOT offered and will not be entertained. We prepare a release calendar as much as six months to a year in advance and cannot change that calendar to accommodate exceptions.

How to submit


For stories/excerpts:

  • Complete the form and attach your submission in PDF format only. We do not accept print nor any other digital format.

  • Stories or excerpts must be 5000 words or less, 12-pt Times Roman font, double-spaced and paginated. Each page must include in the header the work’s title and author name.

For ads:

  • Complete the form and attach your artwork in .JPEG or .PNG formats. We do not accept print nor any other digital format. 

  • Artwork must be high-quality and no smaller than 300x300 pixels.


Our Editorial or Ad team will review your work to ensure it adheres to our publication requirements (see above). If your ad or work adheres to publication requirements, an invoice is emailed to you. Currently, we only accept online payments. SUBMISSION FORM.

All accepted purchases will be published in Waiting Room and the website. We do not retain any further rights than those.


Your copyrighted work is your own. Note, we take copyright law seriously and will not knowingly accept plagiarized work of any kind. If we become aware of plagiarized work submitted to or published within Waiting Room we will notify and comply with law enforcement. Plagiarized work will be removed from the website.  A notice will be placed in the next print edition and posted on the website.

Do you have questions?  Email us at . We’re happy to help!

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