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Sonja Hazzard


Genres: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Suspense, Literary

Tropes: Moral Ambiguities, Off-World Colony, Terror, Werewolves, Loneliness

Characters: POC/Multi-Cultural

Motley Tales, a multi-genre short pieces collection aimed at readers short on time, but big on sinking their teeth into a good story, serves up a concoction of thrilling suspense, sci-fi/fantasy and literary drama about people in tough situations making tougher choices.

Meet off-world ice climbers who wrestle between granting an ugly mercy or saving their own lives and a cursed aristocrat whose chance at freedom begets consequences intolerable to his station.

See what happens to a sweet sixteen alternative-prom goer whose much anticipated time-of-her-life turns into the scare-of-her-life, and a 22nd century female boxer forced to represent her tribe in ruthless matches, but desperate to cling to her humanity.

Unnerved by an enigmatic Mr. Right, follow a single woman who tries to throw him back, and witness the pain of an abandoned Black girl struggling with the specter of being alone in 1952.

Mystery & Suspense

Sonja Hazzard

Monsters Within: A Gullah Island Mystery

Sub-genre: Mystery-Romance

Tropes: Missing Person, Investigation, Love Triangle

Characters: POC/Multi-Cultural

Gigi Kahn, cult escapee turned security specialist, is hired by her ex-husband to find the heiress he left Gigi for. And the only suspects in the disappearance are the same murderous cult leaders she escaped from.


Sophia Jackie

Sub-genre: Romantic Suspense

Tropes: Reunited Lovers, Redemption, Love Triangle

Characters: POC/Multi-Cultural

Detective Ryan Croft had an affair. Singer/songwriter Coco Delacroix ended their engagement. Six years later they are back in each other’s lives navigating old wounds, ex-lovers, and a killer hot on Coco’s tail.

They must confront their pain before either can move forward in their lives and stop a killer before one of them ends up dead.

Sophia Jackie

Sub-genre: Romantic Suspense

Tropes: Strong Heroine & Hero, Protector, Scars, Revenge

Characters: POC/Multi-Cultural

Jeremy Delacroix's life was back on track. Or was it?

An experimental procedure has allowed him to walk again after a rock climbing accident. Life isn't perfect, but it is better. After saying a final goodbye to an ex-lover, he wakes up in a hospital and is accused of her murder. Now his life is off the rails. Again. 


Someone is stalking him. Dead bodies are piling up around him and a woman he never expected to have a connection with is investigating him. Can he prove his innocence while chasing this new found love? 


Ayanna Dixon's life was falling apart. 

A vicious attack has left her scarred, angry and wrestling with her humanity. Nightmares about the attack plague her. Keeping her FBI job is a struggle. Asked to unofficially investigate the murder of a US Congressman's fiancé, she jumped at the chance to focus on anything but her own problems. 


Now she's investigating an old-college-crush for murder, and her previously one-sided feelings are suddenly reciprocated. Was Jeremy a murderer? Can she discover the truth while allowing their connection to deepen? Should she even try?

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